About TBS Navigator


Established and small business fund managers use TBS Navigator’s unique app-based system structure to exactly reflect their individual fund setup.


Every built-in app covers an aspect of professional investment management and can be customized quickly and easily. This reduces implementation time and allows a very precise fit from day one, resulting in cost savings and “nail on the head” workflow.


Institutional and private investors can use TBS Navigator to close the transparency gap between them and their fund investments. This tracking and monitoring functionality can also be used without TBS Navigator serving as the fund’s portfolio management system.

What is the app-based system structure about?



TBS Navigator follows a unique and modern approach to serve as an investment management system.


In conventional systems, fund managers are confronted with an enormous range of static features, only to learn that the few that are needed do not really fit. The app structure within TBS Navigator turns this around: There are dynamic and customizable apps for every part of the investment process.


This framework offers fund managers to recreate their setup in the system from a blank space to the detail.  The user does not have to grow into the system, but the system grows around the user.

Some appetizers


Free (de-)combination of holdings within user-defined portfolios

Client Pricing

Usage of varying pricing sources for all securities, also OTC and non-listed

Exposure Analyses

Visualization of exposures for entire or partial portfolios, down to single securities

Transaction Databases

Full audit trail functionality combined with smart filtering and searching

Income & Expenses

Processing of all operative payments, fees, corporate actions, accruals, etc.

Investor Transactions

Subscriptions and redemptions handling on a per-investor basis


Re-assign positions freely within the user-defined setup


Generation of reports across exact, lookback, and rolling time periods